Paxton House Sober Living

Transitional Housing/Sober Living
Mailing Address: PO Box 57299
Tucson, Arizona 85732-7299

Leah Jones at (520) 404-4042


Jeanie Pike (520) 419-9398

Fax Applications to:
(520) 296-4837

All Eight Locations in Midtown 

  • Provides clean and sober transitional housing
  • 8 locations in Central Tucson
  • Costs $120 per week
  • House Manager on-site
  • Immediate placement
  • Internet, TV, Phone, near bus routes, laundry onsite

Download application here.

Weekly program fees are $120 per week or $480 a month in advance

8 locations 65 beds; (Pima/Dodge) & (22nd/Swan) & Country Club/Glenn

Admission Requirements

  • Must be able to maintain fees, if going to school ($120.00 per week or $480 a month in advance)
  • Must be clean and detoxed off all substances and alcohol
  • Must attend one hour house meeting per week
  • Must attend two 12-step recovery meetings per week
  • Must be willing to abide by the rules of the facility.

We welcome those who; have lost apartment or housing, on parole or probation, homeless, need to relocate from an unsafe living environment, or upon completion of treatment. We work closely with federal, county, state probation and parole.